'Gypsy' John Warburton


Spent most of my life in Runcorn. Married to the most wonderful woman, Carole. Have two children, now grown up and two grandchildren. Started my working life in an office, didn't like it, then spent eighteen years as a landscape gardener. Went into psychiatric nursing for a few more years and then spent five years working in a friend's garage! Now work part-time as a gardener and also work as a volunteer driver for a local charity.

 Music is and always has been a major part of my life. From the early sixties onwards I've listened and been informed and shaped by it. Early influences include Lonnie Donegan, John Leyton, Pete Seeger and loads of others. Later on Beatles, Stones, Pink Floyd, Cat Stevens, John Sebastian and the Main Man, Donovan. Guess that makes me a Hippie!