'Gypsy' John Warburton

Folk singer/songwriter

Live at The Hungry Horse folk Club.


Songs of Love, Peace and Freedom!

Hi. Welcome to my website!

I don't know if you've heard me play, bought the CD, or whatever. However you came here, you're very welcome.

       I started playing at around twelve years of age and wanted to be Pete Townshend. Within a couple of years, after hearing Pink Floyd's first album, I thought Syd Barret had it sussed. However, in the end I settled for an acoustic guitar. I never got along with plectrums and so developed a fingerpicking style, mainly stolen from Donovan! Now, I think I've got my own style, the influence is still there, but so are a lot of other people, including me. Back ground music on this page is 'The River Suite'©John Warburton 2010.

       My first album, 'Magical Waters, is available direct from me at warby1953@yahoo.co.uk The CD costs £8.00 including postage.



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